Welcome to MAG Software Portal!

This is an unofficial portal dedicated for MAG and Aura HD set-top-boxes. Here you can find:

  • guides how-to work with STBs, remove the provider lock from them, make firmware yourself...
  • customized firmware made by me;
  • unofficial, improved SDK (Software Development Kit) for STBs.

My firmware is supported on all existing MAG and Aura HD models expect MAG 420. To be more specific:

  • Installation for open platform MAGs is as easy as flashing it on your STB.
  • Installation for closed platform MAGs and Aura HD models requires additional configuration. You can find more info at my wiki.

The open platform MAGs are 200, 250, 254, 256, 270/275, 322, 324, 349 and 351. Their closed platform equivalents are 255, 257, 276, 323, 325, 350 and 352. The Aura HD equivalents are:

  • Aura HD (main model) uses MAG 250 as base;
  • Aura HD Plus -> MAG 255,
  • Aura HD Pro -> MAG 323,
  • Aura HD Plus T2 -> MAG 276.

Aura HD series is blocked like closed platform STBs and without some necessary changes only Infomir firmware is allowed. MAGs 200, 250 & 270 have only open platform variants. As you probably saw, closed platform STB is just +1 to the number of open platform (MAG 256 + 1 -> MAG 257) and so on.

Where can I get help and/or download?

To download, go with Download link at the navigation bar. To ask you should look at one or more of the forums where discussions of project are active. Just type mag software portal in Google or go to Do my bit at navbar & you are done.